Food is Maya – You Don’t Need Food to Live

Listen. I am uttering two important sacred secrets. First, your body does not need the quantity of the food you take in. It is not just physical need. This is the first statement.

Second, your body does not even need food to live.

Understand, first statement I am making – Your body does not need the amount of food you take in because the food is not just physical requirement. Most of the time, with the food pattern hundreds of other things are associated, hundreds and hundreds of other things are associated.

Actually to be successful in the Nirahari lifestyle, you have to complete with all the patterns related to food.

The first three levels of Nirahara Samyama – Level 1, Level 2, Level  3, you have to complete with all the root-patterns and patterns related to food.

I Have Proved Medical Science is Wrong. Thousands of my disciples are living with simple juice, few living on water and air.

Yes, now you have so many doubts: ‘What is this? Medical Science says without food we will die. Have you proved?’

Yes, I have proved Medical Science is wrong. I have thousands of my disciples living with simple juices, few living just on water and air. If you see them, you won’t find them very thin, skinny and all. They are good-size people. May not be obese, but good-size people. They look very healthy. I have proved with enough of scientific studies. I have proved enough, enough, enough. Now all you need to do, all you need to do, just listen, all you need to do is just try it once.

What IS NOT and IS Nirahara Samyama

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Nirahara Samyama is not fasting, I wanted to make it clear. Usually, people fast to feast. When you start the fasting, you will be counting number of hours when you are going to end it and start feasting.

Nirahara Samyama is not fasting. It is awakening, rekindling the power of your bio-memory to produce energy and food directly from air and water and space. Listen. It is to produce energy directly from the space. [/colored_box]

Food is Maya, the Powerful Collective Delusory Pattern

Food is MayaYou need to understand, you need to live, you need to realize, only by living you will understand – the food is one of the powerful collective delusory pattern. ‘Collective Delusory Pattern’, that is what is the closest definition to Maya. Maya means what is not there, but shown- is Maya. Maya means the patterns which moves you away from your life’s mission, which does not let you go near your life’s mission. Maya is the name, but it does not define completely.

Food is one of the major ‘collective delusory pattern’ we human beings have created for ourself.  

I tell you, if you do this Nirahara Samyama Kriya which I will be teaching on July 1st in the Nithya Satsang, your bio-memory will be awakened to produce the food directly from space. As I said, so many people got healed of so many diseases from this Kriya and through this Nirahara Samyama.

The Purpose and Promise of Nirahara Samyama

Slowly, slowly, training your bio-memory to produce the energy directly from the space and liberating you from all the patterns you created about food and food itself – that is the purpose of Nirahara Samyama. And it is possible. It is possible. Your bio-memory, once awakened, will do so much good which you can’t imagine.

I am not giving you false promises; I am just giving you possibility. When you enter into the space of Nirahara, not only you go beyond food, suddenly your consciousness rises to the next level. Your consciousness rises to the next level; completely to the next level.

Nirahara Samyama will undoubtedly prove your own higher possibility for you. I tell you, if you want to practice Shraddha, Authenticity, gain confidence. First thing, hit at the root-pattern of food. Hit at the root-pattern of food. When you hit at the pattern of food, you will gain confidence about your Authenticity. You will gain confidence that you can be authentic, you can do something which others are afraid of doing, you can do something which even you are afraid of doing.

Confidence & Capability to Practise Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching

Nirahara Samyama is one of the most powerful technique, most powerful process.

Understand, it is so unfortunate, human-beings have forgotten their capability so much, it takes so much to remember and bring them back to that space of remembrance of their capabilities. Nirahara Samyama will really, really, really help you to experience Authenticity, to live Authenticity, because it’s a direct experience which you can see directly, which you can listen directly, which you can visualize directly, the pattern with which you can directly play, complete.

First thing required for Nirahara Samyama, start practicing Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. Complete all the patterns related to food. I tell you, once you reach COMPLETION, you don’t need the quantity of food you are taking.

With completion starts LIFE. Otherwise you are running out of compulsion. Either you run the life in compulsion, or completion. With completion, your life starts. With compulsion, not only you don’t have life, you constantly reduce the level of your life. Bring constantly Integrity to your thinking; Authenticity to your behavior; Responsibility to your actions; Enriching  to your lifestyle.

(learn more about the Completion Process, ‘Swapoornatva Kriya’ here to complete with your food-patterns)

The Essence of Nirahara – Blasting Away Your Patterns and Liberating you from Food-Patterns

Nirahara Samyama not only liberates you from food, it liberates you lot of patterns you created based on food and many bondages related to food. See, if you want to remove a rock, first you blast, then it becomes loose. Then removing the rock is easy. Same way, all your patterns, if you blast that patterns with Nirahara Samyama, then removing all the patterns is very easy.

Blast Your Food Pattern with Nirahara


Article Source: Taken from Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s daily Nithya Satsang Talks to global audience on ‘Nitty Gritties of Nirhara Samyama’ and other talks.. Experience LIVE presence of the Incarnation along with meditation, daily 8 am IST on  


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I blend regular food like rice, pizza, ice cream and still consider myself a Nirahari?

No, because that is too much calorie intake and equals consuming food! Niraharis are people who break the patterns related to food, which includes the idea that body needs a certain amount of calories to survive.  Niraharis only consume diluted juices, thin milk shakes with just milk and fruit. Over time, Niraharis evolve towards living on air.

2. I am loosing more weight than i should with Nirahara, should I stop and continue with regular food?

We would say no, don’t stop if mentally becoming a Nirahari is what you want.  To stop the weight loss, balance the body with drinking lots of milk with honey and religiously following up with the suggested nirahara practices. This is a tested tip, you will see the weight loss stops and you infact start building muscle without doing anything.

3. Can I do heavy weight lifting exercises?

Its best to wait for atleast 6 months for your body to settle with the nirahara experience before you embark on heavy aerobic exercises  or pumping iron. Limit yourself to Nithyananda Yoga and light weights till then.

4. Will Nirahara affect my mensturation cycle?

Well if you are facing issues in that area, nirahara will regulate your cycle and yes  you can remain a nirahari even during your periods. The blood loss will not make you feel light headed , nirahara actually helps people over come anemia.

5. Can children do Nirahara?

Swamiji has not yet approved this. Currently the program is for 18 and plus aged people.

6. Can a female nirahari remain in nirahari during pregnancy?

No , she should consume solid food during the pregnancy period.

8. Do I need to take multivitamin supplements while being a Nirahari?

It is not needed unless your doctor has advised you to do so for some significant reason.  Cosmic energy is intelligent enough to produce all the vital elements needed to keep you healthier than a for consumer. This is why Niraharis who live on just light orange juice and water will often look way more stronger than one who consumes food and supplements.

9.Can I repeat the Nirahara Samyama and THE Samyama?

Yes you can . Each time you do it, you will be breaking more patterns. Repetition really helps those who want to live as full time niraharis. You come to terms with doing completions with various foods and food habits.

10. Can I do THE Samyama even if i did not successfully complete all 3 levels of Nirahara samyama?

No, the pre-requisite for THE Samyama mandates that you successfully complete all 21 days and 3 levels of Nirahara Samyama.

11.What will i do when i go to parties, social gatherings or restaurants with my loved ones?

Simple. You let them eat and you order something suitable to drink. Everyone will want to know why you are not eating. Enlighten them about your new lifestyle.

12. What is once in a while eating defined as?

Niraharis who want to remain niraharis can eat once in a while – like once in 4 weeks or more. This really depends on you authentically LISTENING to your body. Don’t eat because some one is pressurizing you  .Just make a conscious decision.

13. Why am i not successful with the first level Nirahara Samyama itself?

You probably carry some strong food related patterns within you. Do the process of completion as taught by Swamiji, you will certainly see a difference.


14. Is “feeling connection”- being established in Mahabhava necessary for THE Samyama?

Yes, feeling connection, unclutching and ajapa jappa are the 3 pillars of Nirahara. For THE Samyama you need to authentically trust the fact based on your experience that the Master is omnipotent, omniscient and all pervading. Your feeling connection with him keeps you fed with energy.

15.Can people with serious medical illnesses like Cancer do Nirahara programs?

The answer lies with the person’s doctor and swamiji.One answer will not apply to all.

16. I am a Nirahari but I experience hair fall while remaining as one.

Ask yourself if you are keeping up with your practices. Niraharis will actually have great skin and hair . If you keep your tummy filled with liquids, consume neem juice  and a  combo of milk with honey  then the temporary hear fall will stop.

17.Can i do nirahara samyama without a two way connection with swamiji?

NO! You have to do the program in swami’s virtual presence.

18. Does Nirahara affect one’s sex drive?

Nirahara is a spiritual process. Its effects in each person are unique. Most of the Nirahari couples we have talked to do not attribute lower sex drive to Nirahara.There is a greater appreciation and respect for each other’s bodies. But Nirahara does help  eliminate animalistic behaviors of lust, sex addictions, porn addiction, fantasy addiction etc .

Bringing spirituality to the world

The world is awakening to a new consciousness, where distinctions like material life and spiritual life, inner growth and outer growth, are rapidly breaking down. The new age individual is striving to build a harmonious world where material success complements spiritual growth, where ancient wisdom and modern  scientific insights blend seamlessly to create a richer, more fulfilling life for all. The need of the hour is the presence of enlightened leaders, who can draw from their deep understanding of human nature and aspirations to establish and guide global communities towards this goal. Nithyananda is today recognized as one of the emerging voices on the Indian spiritual scene who can offer pragmatic guidance across all strata of society.

A spiritual mall

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam offers a host of programs that span life solutions, yoga, meditation, scripture study, worship and service-oriented activities. With an ideal combination of solutions that touches every kind of individual, every requirement and every mindset, the organization has achieved a high level of penetration among all sections of society. In the eight years since he started traveling and teaching abroad, Nithyananda has made an indelible mark on the international spiritual scene, attracting educated and committed followers with his engaging way of demystifying the Vedic truths and reinterpreting them in the light of modern living.

For an audience that might be familiar with the teachings of Eastern spirituality, but lacks clarity on how to employ it in their lives, Nithyananda’s commentaries effectively bridge the gap between understanding and experience. Being a fluent speaker in English, he has the added advantage of being able to personally communicate with and guide seekers. His refreshing take on topics like intuitive management, leadership and branding has won him appreciative corporate audiences. He has been invited to speak on topics like Vedic Management by corporate giants such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, Pepsi, Oracle, AT&T and Petrobras.

In 2006, Nithyananda launched the first Confluence for World Peace, an annual socio-spiritual event attended by over 5000 people, in which over 20 globally renowned spiritual and social organizations participated, including the Vedanta Society, BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, ISKCON, Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Chinmaya Mission and others. Nithyananda’s novel spiritual venture, the annual Kumbha Mela, finds appreciation and support among both spiritual organizations as well as the Indian community abroad.


Revolutionizing spirituality online

Unlike many traditional gurus, Nithyananda combines classic methods of teaching with modern ways of spreading the message, including the internet. He is currently one of most watched gurus on the internet (YouTube), with over 8000 hours of free talks on subjects ranging from the Upanishads to wealth consciousness to levitation. Nithyananda launched the tremendously effective eN-satsang, reaching out to viewers around the world through the internet. Since then, a whole range of online programs are being offered by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. Each morning, people from 35 countries or more participate in the pooja (Vedic worship), meditation and view Nithyananda’s morning message via live web stream. More than 100 of the organization’s certified teachers also conduct daily webinars, and teach yoga and meditation online to audiences across the world.

Revealer of the Science of Spirituality

For centuries, science and spirituality have been battling it out on these issues of perennial importance for humanity. Although spiritual teachers have always maintained that enlightenment is a ‘real’ phenomenon, and a perfectly realizable goal for all of us, the scientific community has naturally been unwilling to accept this without solid proof. It is only in the recent past that science has made a sustained effort to demystify supernormal and paranormal phenomena and accumulate sound medical evidence that explains why the spiritually super-evolved are blessed with ‘powers’ that the rest of us can only dream about.

Offering his own body-mind system for observation, Nithyananda has been working with doctors and scientists across the world to record and analyze mystic phenomena using modern technology. The results continue to intrigue the world of medical science, but we now have growing proof that a range of extraordinary abilities do lie latent in us, just outside the sphere of our current experience. Not to be awakened by effort alone, these abilities (known in Sanskrit as siddhis) also ask of us a life of intense moral integrity, deep devotion to Truth and an unquestioning surrender to the flow of Existence – the Divine, the Tao, God or whatever else we may choose to call that most intimate mystery of our lives.

Poised delicately on the border of the scientific and the mystical, these phenomena serve to remind us, as Einstein was to famously observe, that science without religion is lame, while religion without science is blind. It also leaves us with the unsettling realization that we may be much more than we can ever imagine, divine beings merely enjoying a human experience, slumbering spiritual giants only awaiting the touch of awakening.

Must watch : Science of the impossible !

A Guru for Enlightenment

Watch the Master give an Enlightening talk on Enlightenment!

For his Ashramites and close devotees around the world, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is neither the social visionary, nor the spiritual teacher nor the successful Vedic pioneer. He is the Guru who works tirelessly for their own spiritual transformation. Traditionally, this is a dimension of an enlightened being that only a privileged few are fortunate (and courageous) enough to experience. Today, with humanity becoming ripe for rapid spiritual transformation, the necessity for a spiritual evolutionary who can effectively guide us towards the goal is becoming more apparent every day.

A spiritual evolutionary Every path-breaker is essentially a rule-breaker. The visionary bears the burden of being ahead of his time – more so when the path he forges is for a hard and unsettling journey inward. A visionary is always a revolutionary – or more aptly, an evolutionary – and the ordinary mind always resists change! By nature, he stirs up change in our lives, while we hold on hard, fighting to preserve our comfortable relationship with ourselves and with the world. The visionary tears aside the veil of our complacency, stirring in us a deep dissatisfaction with the duplicity of our lives, daring us to drop our false identities and claim responsibility for being ourselves.

Intimate mystery The scriptures say: Drawn to the light of enlightened consciousness by the ardent quest of many lifetimes, seekers hasten to the Master like bees to the newly blossomed lotus. The Guru means both – complete surrender to the path one has chosen, and the ultimate liberation from all bondage. Living and learning in the presence of the guru in the Bidadi ashram are over 200 brahmacharis, sannyasis and rishis. In return for spiritual guidance and the basic necessities of life, they offer their lives in the service of their master’s mission. Incomprehensible to the eyes of a newcomer is this intimate relationship of complete trust and dedication on both sides. The guru takes complete responsibility for his spiritual children, revealing to them the deeper mysteries of yoga and meditation, educating them in the subtle mystical sciences of enlightenment, training them through severe spiritual disciplines that only his own gracious presence can help them endure, pruning and nurturing them with ruthless compassion to the very fulfillment that they seek.

A Healer & Counselor

Helping and Serving Through Spiritual Healing

One mystic phenomenon that even the most skeptical are unable to deny is spiritual healing.

In India, alternative healing methods have always complemented traditional medicine, so the Indian mind is already open to mysticism and the possibility of spiritual healing. Even in the West, although spiritual healing may not be so popular, healing powers are considered one of the definitive marks of a genuine saint.

Authentic healing powers are among the convincing proofs of a highly evolved state of consciousness. One may fool the world with words, but healing powers are not given to many. They are the result of years (or lifetimes) of intense spiritual discipline, and are won only by the grace of the Divine.

An extraordinary healer, Nithyananda has cured a range of life-threatening and chronic diseases, including cancer, paralysis, infertility, asthma and Alzheimer’s, often with a single touch. It may be impossible to ever document completely the cases of the thousands who have been healed of chronic and fatal diseases by a blessing, a touch, a word or even a look from Nithyananda – sometimes when they are continents away.

Apart from its physical benefits, healing also helps the receiver establish a powerful spiritual connection with the Divine that transcends the questions and confusions of the intellect. Many of the most deeply connected devotees today are those who have had a personal experience of healing. Nithyananda has not only effected innumerable miracles of healing, but has also initiated more than 3000 spiritual healers, who have established healing centers and render regular free healing services around the world.

An Enlightened Being

First experience of Samadhi

In the midst of his meditation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda felt something opening up within him… suddenly, he realized that even with his eyes closed, he could see all around – 360 degrees! At that moment, he awakened to the realization that he was one with the whole of Existence.

While ‘just playing with meditation’ one day at the age of twelve, Paramahamsa Nithyananda had a profound spiritual experience that was to awaken him to hitherto unknown dimensions of consciousness, and transform his life forever. After this experience, which happened in the shadow of the mighty Arunachala, his longing to pursue the spiritual path was greatly intensified.

During and after his monastic training in Ramakrishna Math,  Paramahamsa Nithyananda wandered as a spiritual mendicant throughout India. Regal in his austerity, his whole life turned over to the bounty of Existence, the young mendicant covered thousands of kilometers on foot, visiting holy shrines, learning from numberless evolved souls and frequenting sacred pilgrimage spots. A lifetime of intense meditation, study and austerities finally came to fruition on 1st January 2000, in an explosion of enlightenment which revealed to him his avataric mission on our planet.

First Samadhi Experience


Be Food Free – Live without eating patterns as Niraharis of Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda